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Prager Petite Sirah Port California 2012

Prager Winery & Port Works in the Napa Valley's St. Helena, has been the perfect prescription for Port lovers since 1979. The winery is a family-run affair with three generations of Pragers involved in the crafting of premium ports and wines. This produced... 日本語はこちら Red


St. Barthelemy Barbera Port California 2003

St. Barthelemy Cellars is a small, family owned and operated winery in Napa Valley. They produce premium varietal port wines unique in style and flavor. Each of the ports is made from a single grape variety, lending familiar characteristics while... 日本語はこちら Red


St. Barthelemy Cellars Merlot Port 2003 375ml

"With its bright and shimmering regal red color, the Merlot port is pleasing to the eye. Soft legs cling to the glass and the nose conjures up nougat and caramel with a hint of blackberry. A smooth mouth-feel gives way... 日本語はこちら Red


St. Barthelemy Cellars Syrah Port 2003 375ml

This Syrah port has a lush, dark inky red hue. Slight aromas of chocolate and caramel are combined with cedar, coffee, and herbs. A burst of flavors hits your mouth up front, especially spicy black pepper. A complex combination of... 日本語はこちら Red