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Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon Oakville Napa Valley 2016


This wine strikes a captivating balance between power and finesse showing its classic Oakville Cabernet style. The delicious core of layered black fruit is imbued with rich mocha and toasty vanilla with subtle traces of fresh bay and black pepper....


Robert Mondavi Merlot Napa Valley 2016


Deliciously true to the variety, it weaves together a rich and complex array of concentrated black and red berries, dusty earth and a hint of fresh herbs, rounded by a sweet underpinning of mocha-tinged toasty oak. It fleshes out steadily...


Rocca Merlot Grigsby Vineyard Napa Valley 2014


Showcases exquisite balance and graceful elegance. Its aroma is simply gorgeous. Flavors of cinnamon-covered cherry, black currant and spice have wonderful purity and depth. ロッカ メルロー グリッグスビー・ビンヤード ナパ・バレー 2014 絶妙なバランスと上品な優雅さが特徴のワイン。香りはまさに豪華。シナモンをちりばめたチェリー、ブラックカラント、スパイスの香りが漂う風味には深さがあり、混じり気がまったくない。  


Rombauer Merlot Napa Valley 2016


Enticing and lively red color; beautifully aromatics with black cherry and ripe plum. On the palate a purity of blackcurrant, cedar and mint flavors blend together seamlessly. Soft and supple, this wine has a medium-bodied mouth-feel with plush tannins that...


St. Supery Rutherford Merlot Napa Valley 2014


Elegant! Aromas of black plum, blueberry and dark chocolate combine with anise, charred oak and a hint of graphite that result in dark plum, dark cherry. セント・スープリー ラザフォード メルロー ナパ・バレー 2014 エレガントの一言。ブラックプラムやブルーベリー、ダークチョコレート香りがアニスや黒く焦がした樽香、黒鉛を思わせる香りと相まって広がり、ダークプラムやダークチェリーの風味へとつながっていく。


The Paring Red Blend California 2014


  Classic aromas of cedar and cassis. Pure expression of black and red fruit with lovely herbal notes of sincere Cabernet Sauvignon. A plush texture combined with a rigid backbone of tannin structure make this wine a truly memorable drinking...


The Prisoner Wine Company Thorn Merlot Napa Valley 2015


A blend of Merlot with a little of Malbec and Syrah. Has plenty of density without excess weight.  Offers flavors of dark fruits with bitter chocolate.  Simple yet rich.  ザ・プリズナー・ワイン・カンパニー ソーン メルロー ナパ・バレー 2015 メルローにほんの少しマルベックとシラーをブレンド。密度がしっかりしていながら、過大な重さはない。黒色青色系果実の風味にはビターチョコレートが漂う。シンプルでありながら豊潤なワイン。


Trefethen Dragon's Tooth Red Oak Knoll Napa Valley 2016


This blend (Malbec, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot) shines when paired with cuts of meat like flank, sirloin or skirt steak. Rich aromas of ripe red plum, baking spices and cracked pepper. Lush flavors of cherries and dark berries....


Volker Eisele Estate Terzetto Red Napa Valley 2014


Co-fermented equal parts Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. Classy, complex blend with blue, red and black fruits with a hint of charcoal, oak and plenty of spice. Medium to full-bodied.  It is a beauty that can be approached now...


Whitehall Lane Merlot Napa Valley 2015


Has an amazing core of ripe, jammy berry and currant fruit that is beautifully framed by a generous tannin structure.  Supple in texture and shows attractive depth on the finish with a hint of sweet tobacco. Well-made wine. ホワイトホール・レーン メルロー ナパバレー 2015 熟してジャムのようなベリー類やカラントの果実味がタンニンの作る豊な骨格に美しくかたどられている。口当たりもしなやかで風味には深さもある。余韻にはかすかに甘いタバコの香りが漂う。よく出来たワイン。...


Wine Train Merlot Napa Valley 2015


This is our private label, crafted for us by Raymond Vineyards. There is nice structure to this Merlot, and it is packed with plum and red fruit flavors. It is very approachable, with soft tannins in the finish. This is...


Yount Ridge Cellars Proprietary Red Oakville Napa Valley 2014


Bordeaux style blend. Offers aromas and flavors of ripe blueberry, dark anise, woodsy notes, a hint of bright raspberry and sweet herbals. Shows its composition with hints of sweet bay leaf and dried cherry on the finish. Full-bodied, round silkiness,...


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