Brassfield Pinot Gris High Valley Lake County 2013

Brassfield Estate Winery & Vineyard is located in Lake County on a unique and beautiful property where the vineyard elevation ranges from 1800 to 3000 ft. Renowned winemaker, David Ramey makes the wines for this small family owned estate.
The pure volcanic soils of Volcano Ridge Vineyard lie on the steep slopes of an extinct cinder cone. It yields a wine full of intensity and elegance as unique as the land from which it comes. 
This wine gushes with aromas of sweet honeydew melon, Gravenstein apples, apricots, and spice box. A long and elegant mouthfeel balances bright flavors of green figs, golden raisins, Bartlett pears, and a touch of tangerine zest. It has brilliant minerality and a refreshing finish.


ブラスフィールド ピノ・グリ 

ハイバレー レーク郡 2013