Hirsch Vineyards "San Andreas Fault" Estate Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 2013

This Pinot Noir is the flagship wine from Hirsch, and the wine that represents the summation of their complex vineyard.  It is named for the fault-line which marks the meeting of the North American and Pacific tectonic plates, snaking its way up the California coast and passing less than a mile from Hirsch. Their proximity to the fault is responsible for the geologic and topographical complexity of their soils.

This is a pretty, expressive medium-bodied wine. It has a lovely sense of purity on the fruit, yet needs time to fully open up. Its flavors are nicely layered throughout with crushed flowers, dried cherries, mint and spices.

ハーシュ・ビンヤード 「サンアンドレア・フォールト」 
エステート ピノ・ノワール ソノマ・コースト 2013