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Hourglass Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2015

Classically structured tannins frame the core of the wine, providing a glimpse into its significant aging potential.  Texturally, the wine maintains a fine balance between grip and silk, with enough width and depth to remind you of its Napa origins, and enough elegance to evoke the refinement of the Old World.  Notes of pomegranate, dark sour cherry, savory black currant and cassis surround the core with firm, soft flesh. A deep richness is evident, restrained against the pull of a natural acidity and minerality, providing both lift and layered density.  The extended finish begs for contemplation. This wine will cellar beautifully for 20-plus years.

アワーグラス エステート カベルネ・ソービニオン 
ナパ・バレー 2015