Irwin Family Tempranillo Sierra Foothills 2012

Derek Irwin, the proprietor and winemaker for Irwin Family Vineyards was born in a small town outside of Madrid. So it made sense for him to eventually get around to making a wine from the great Spanish varietal, Tempranillo.

The tempranillo grapes were sourced from Nevada County -- which is not in the state of Nevada -further to the north than other Sierra Foothills growing locations. It has a tendency to cool off more at night than Amador or El Dorado County, which in turn keeps the natural acidity high when the grapes are ripe. Mediterranean varietals do phenomenally well in this climate and growing region, producing beautifully balanced wines.

The Tempranillo is an intense wine that feels expensive, as it definitely over-delivers for the price. The brilliant acid creates a unique full-bodied red wine easy to pair with an abundance of different foods. We recommend serving this bruising Tempranillo along with a wide array of pork dishes, chorizo and other cured meats, skirt steak or rib-eye. Tempranillo seems to have an intrinsic yearning to be paired with a leg of lamb, rubbed in rosemary and served alongside roasted potatoes.

Aromas of blackberry and ripe plum mingle with hints of lilac, sage, grilled meats and singed orange rind. Finally, flavors of blueberry jam, black cherries and sweet tobacco coat the mouth; while notes of licorice and vanilla bean combine with the fresh fruit creating an enticing finish. It's hard to resist not drinking all you have, but this wine is built to last the next 5-10 years.

アーウィン・ファミリー テンプラニーヨ 

シエラ・フットヒルズ 2012