Jelly Jar Old Vine Zinfandel Lake County 2014

Jelly Jar is hand crafted by a fourth generation Napa Valley winemaker whose roots date back to the late 1890s. Andy Pestoni's great-grandfather, Albino Pestoni, arrived in the Napa Valley from Italy and settled with his family. Making wine was part of their heritage and the family's original hand-built stone winery still stands today at the base of Howell Mountain. This wine is a tribute to the ancestors who forged the way for us and passed down the love of sharing wine around the table with family and friends.
The organically farmed Nova Vineyard lies on a gradual slope of benchland in the Kelseyville area of Lake County. For more than 40 years, these head-trained, dry-farmed Zinfandel vines have taken deep root in the site's volcanic soils.
Old vines like these naturally reduce their own yields, producing fewer and fewer clusters as the years go by. These clusters also become smaller with each year, and the heightened juice-to-skin ratio greatly intensifies Zinfandel's rich, varietal characteristics.
The wine produces aromas and flavors of jammy red fruits, pomegranates and strawberry with hints of spice. A food friendly wine to be enjoyed with your next meal.

ジェリー・ジャー オールド・ヴァイン 
ジンファンデール レーク郡 2014