Lucy Pinot Noir Rosé Santa Lucia Highlands 2017

Lucy Rosé was born in 2003 when winemaker Jeff Pisoni made only two barrels. Shortly after, the Pisonis decided they should make more and donate a percentage of the sales to the fight against breast cancer. The association of pink Rosé wine with the pink ribbon representing breast-cancer awareness seemed like a perfect match. One dollar of every bottle of Lucy sold is donated to breast cancer research. Lucy Rose is also donated to breast cancer research fundraisers throughout the country.
The Lucy rose is made by allowing the grape juice to sit on the Pinot Noir skins for a limited time. After picking up enough color, the juice is drained from the grape skins into barrels, where it ferments. The short skin contact results in a wine lighter in color and lighter on the palate. A perfect summer wine, Lucy's essence of Pinot Noir and fresh acidity allow for pairings with a variety of dishes. With notes of cherry, ripe strawberry and watermelon. The palate is refreshing with wonderful crisp acidity. 
ルーシー ピノ・ノワール・ロゼ 
サンタルシア・ハイランズ 2017