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Olivia Brion Chardonnay Wild Horse Valley 2014

Heron Lake Vineyard is in the south end of Wild Horse Valley, 1,200 feet higher than the Napa Valley floor and five miles east of Napa town. David Mahaffey has been making wines in the Napa Valley for 30 years and has been the winemaker for Heron Lake since its first vintage. David is a soulful artist with a passion for creating wines that are balanced, elegant and age beautifully.
Toasted hazelnuts and citrus blossoms. Bright mouth-watering acidity-will make your mouth smile immediately. Butterscotch, white peaches, kiwi and key lime, opening to crme brulee creaminess and richness. Expansive midpalate and the broad rich finish goes on and on.

ヘロン・レーク 「オリビア・ブライオン」 シャルドネ 
ワイルド・ホース・バレー 2014