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Roederer L'Ermitage Brut Anderson Valley 2012

L'ermitage, Roederer Estate's special Tete de Cuvee, is a sparkling wine made only in exceptional years from pre-selected, Estate grown grapes. It is created by using the traditional French methode and adding special oak-aged reserve wines to each blend.
Fine tiny bubbles and a long lasting mousse are the usual footprints of the L'ermitage cuvee. There are great notes of tarte tatin: baked apples and buttery crust, with notes of apricot and delicate vanilla bean. The mouthfeel is creamy, expresses flavors of quince and bread crust, and has a clean and crisp, yet long finish. 

ロデレール レ・ルミタージュ ブリュット 
アンダーソン・バレー 2012
細かい泡と長く続くムースが特徴。タルト・タタン(ベークしたリンゴとバターの香ばしい香りのするクラストにアプリコットやバニラ豆が漂う)の芳香。口当たりはクリーミー。カリンやパン皮の風味。さわやかでキリッとした余韻が長く続く。alc. 12.5%